USB Adapter Review

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The USB adapters have been available to pre-order for a few weeks now and have already proved to be very popular. I had to double my initial PCB order and add another third onto the case quantity just because of the initial interest. So firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered one!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have helped me to develop this board. Peter Mulholland who designed the PCB and wrote the initial firmware, Andrew ‘Linux Jedi‘ Hutchings who expanded on the firmware and made it fully compatible with the A500 mini and Karl Dyson at Retro32 for designing the 3D printed case for people who don’t want to buy the metal case.

A few boards have been sent out for testing and the results that we are getting back are great. We have also had a few comments that have prompted us to make some last minute firmware tweaks to ensure that the adapters work as well as they can.

One of these tests has been undertaken by Team Pandory who have uploaded their results and comments onto YoutTube. You can check out their video below, but the latency results in particular are really positive!

There is a comment made in the video about there not being a back button when used on the A500 mini. This is because the test was undertaken using a one button joystick. If using a two button stick like the Immortal Joystick the second button will act as a back button in the menu. However just to make sure that we cater for everyone, we are currently looking into modifying the firmware so that the home button on the board can also act as a back button with a long button press (thanks to Team Pandory for that suggestion).



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