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Win every race.
Score every goal.
Beat every opponent.

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The highest quality joystick for the ultimate retro gaming experience.

We offer the best quality products so that retro enthusiasts (like myself) can enjoy their favourite games and systems with authentic feeling joysticks that are built to last.



  • Aluminium alloy enclosure

  • Authentic Sanwa Denshi and Seimitsu arcade parts

  • Braided cable

  • Standard moulded DB9 connection

  • Switchable auto-fire

  • Switchable 'up to button 2' mapping (up still functions normally)

  • Zero-latency

  • Enclosure size 145 x 121 x 39mm


  • ​Amiga (all models)

  • ZX Spectrum (using Kempston interface)

  • Commodore 64

  • Atari (all model)

  • Vic-20

  • C128

  • Sega Master System

  • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis (2 buttons only)

You can also use Immortal Joysticks on many other systems by using third-party adapters. Known adapters include:

  • USB for Windows, Mac, Linux Raspberry Pi and MiSter

  • Amiga Mini

  • Amstrad

  • ZX Spectrum (native joystick ports)

  • MSX

  • X68000

  • BBC Micro


Colour Examples

Immortal Joysticks - Sanwa Ball Top Colours
Translucent Ball Top Colours.png
Immortal Joysticks - Hammond Enclosure Colours
Immortal Joysticks - Cable Braid Colours


“Premium joystick ordered, built and delivered.

Excellent service and the best damned retro joystick money can buy.

Pure quality."

Hitch (


Latest Builds

Immortal Joysticks - Andrew McCloud

Meet Your Maker

Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm just a regular guy (and a bit of a geek) who is into retro gaming and computers. I am lucky enough to have a space to tinker with things and create new products that I am really proud of.


Immortal Joysticks  started when I was struggling to find new quality joysticks for my Amiga - the computer from my childhood. 


I made the first joystick from a few arcade components left over from an old project and ​a sturdy aluminium enclosure -  a larger version of the ones I had used to make guitar effects pedals, so I knew it would stand up to heavy use.

I'm excited to offer this product to the retro gaming community.

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