Care and Operation Guide

Immortal Joystick

Whilst the Immortal Joystick is built to last, you still need to look after it to get the most out of it.

  1. Do not plug into systems that don’t accept Atari standard joysticks (e.g. directly into a Spectrum without a Kempston interface).
  2. Do not pull on the cable to unplug your joystick.
  3. Do not throw/drop your joystick (it’s more likely to break whatever it hits, but you might still damage it).
  4. Do not leave in direct sunlight.
  5. Clean with a damp cloth and avoid using chemicals.
  6. The ‘Auto’ switch on the rear of the joystick turns the autofire on and off. When on, holding the fire one button will act as if you are repeatedly pressing the button at high speed. Please note that if games have a long button press function in addition to fire, this will not work whilst the autofire is on.
  7. The ‘Map’ switch on the rear of the joystick maps ‘Up’ on the stick to the second fire button. This is great for games which use up for jump but don’t have any action associated with the second fire button.
  8. Do not feed after midnight.
  9. DO share photos of your joystick in it’s new home and tag us online!

Immortal Joystick Black and Red

DB9 to USB Adpater

  1. We recommend that you keep the adapter PCB in a case to protect it. You can make your own (please tag us in photos, we would love to see any cases our customers make!), print one from our free STL file, buy a 3D printed one from our friends Retro32 or buy one of our premium metal cases. Whatever you decide, having it in a case will stop most accidents.
  2. Be careful not to short any of the components. If there is any risk of the bottom of the bare PCB coming in contact with a metal surface, please ensure that you insulate it to prevent any shorts.
  3. Only Atari standard 9 pin joysticks will work with this adapter. You can use either a one or two button joystick, but it will not detect any further buttons if you connect a game pad to it for example.
  4. Do not put any strain on the USB-C connector.
  5. Ensure that the USB-C cable can transmit data (USB 2.0 spec is fine). Something like this will work well
  6. The button on the adapter has two functions and it primarily for use with the A500 Mini. A short press of the button will act as ‘Home’ on the A500 Mini pad enabling you to return to the home screen from the built in games, or to load WHDLoad games. A long press of the button will act as the blue ‘B’ button on the A500 Mini pad (or the second fire button on a standard joystick), this allows you to back up in menus if you only have a one button joystick attached. 
  7. If you need to reflash the firmware, you can find our guide on how to do that here.